Structural Geometry and Detail

Welcome back! This is the third development update and progress for Littlecube Valley. Over the last three months, I had been working mostly on solutions and algorithms for adding detailed geometry. We also now have a more robust solution for geometric outlines.

The images below show the exterior of the cottage. We have cervices along the wooden braces and beams. The same goes for the daub wall which is made up of dried mud and clay. The bottom of the cottage is supported by a layer of coarse stone. Light brownish thatch now covers the topmost wooden purlins of the cottage while overhanging irregularly at the sides.

The next set of images show the interior of the cottage. The floor is separated into two areas, one for stone tiles and the other is raised slightly for wooden planks. The chimney and fireplace are covered with regularly sized stone bricks, with the those for the fireplace slightly darkened due to soot. Additionally, wooden grills have been also added for the windows.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to add the rest of the contrast that I wanted to, such as the fallen leaves, overgrowth vines and moss around the cottage. The remaining cottages will have to be updated with their appropriate detailed geometry as well. I will have to defer all the additional geometry to the next update.

The immediate task right now is to work on the performance as the massive amounts of geometry is currently utilising the CPU/GPU to its maximum potential. While I could run this on my iPod Touch 6G at 30fps, I would very much prefer it to be closer to 60fps. So it is sort of sluggish right now and I need to fix it as soon as possible.

After the performance issues are resolved and remaining geometric details are done, I will then start to work on voxel destructibility.