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Terrain and Cottages

The is the 2nd development update for Littlecube Valley. Over the last month, I have changed the terrain to represent mostly loamy soil. A simple road network has been established and all cottages for this region have been placed accordingly. Additionally, character interaction with basic objects have been added. 1) The image above shows the first cottage built with a wooden door and some window panels. A dirt path starts from the front of the house and leads to the main road.

The image below shows the raw structure for the minor and major roads. These roads and its borders will eventually be further developed with detailed voxels later.

2) I have also dug up some shallow areas to represent water ditches, with silt or clay settling in the pond and sand surrounding it. The image below shows an example of the shallow pond.

3) The wooden door and window panels can be interacted as well. The image below shows the state in which they were opened.

In order to do so, the character just needs to be close enough to the object until its edges become highlighted. Then, activate the "use object" button, which its icon is that of a hand. The video below shows how it is done.

4) Additionally, I have designed three other cottages with different layouts. I have recorded another video to show the structures of these cottages.

Alternatively, the images below also revealed their layouts.

4a) The structure of the second cottage.

4b) The structure of the third cottage.

4c) The structure of the fourth cottage.


Lastly, the short grass will be added as little green cubes for the next update. This is because among a field of green grass, you could actually see numerous pockets of dirt beneath.

Additionally, I will still need to add voxel detail for the cottage floor, walls and the roof. This is mainly to show uneven and cracked surfaces for the daub and stone walls. Some weeds and moss will be added to blend with the short grass around the cottage.


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