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This is my development blog for

Littlecube Valley. If you have any questions, you can send me an email: or

write your comments in the blog posts. I will try to read and reply to them whenever I can.

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Game FAQ

What is the game about?

The game will be a voxel sandbox RPG, set in a medieval fantasy world made up of many colourful little cubes. 

The goal is to generate a "Living World". Imagine walking around a bustling medieval fantasy city that is full of life. It will include a dynamic questing system with procedurally generated adventures.

The primary inspirations are Cube World and Voxatron. And the targeted platforms for now are iOS, iPadOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Progress Summary

The procedural generation system for grass and soil has been completed.

Currently, working on better world generation and river networks. Procedural civilisation and history generation. Player embarkation.

Recent Posts


Procedural Voxel Grass Generation and Game Engine Updates

Welcome back to another development update for Littlecube Valley. Firstly, I would like to apologise for the long delay as certain portions of the game engine underwent a major overhaul in order to achieve what is seen in the video above. A lot of previous art assets had to be redone and technical algorithms rewritten to achieve a much more robust solution. Soil types have also been reworked and are determined by the land biome and the type of the terrain tile. The different soil types are similar to what existed in our real-life, such as clay, loam, silt, or a combination of them. Material colours for terrain soil had been reworked to allow for mixing of different soil types within each tex


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